Graphic / Brand Design / Logo Design / 2012

Mujjo Branding

Mujjo is a Dutch designer label for mobile accessories. The Dutchies Remy, Robin and Tom founded Mujjo in 2010.

Mujjo invited me to undertake the design of a new identity for their business and inspired by the magnificent 'Le Lion de Veilhan' sculpture in Bordeaux, I produced this powerful design composed of tessellating triangles.

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The brand has grown fast, and continues to evolve, but Mujjo keeps the same passion for creating beautiful designs. Mujjo's passion for making good products even goes beyond the desire of keeping clients and reputation. Mujjo will never chase trends, but instead, every Mujjo design is a reflection of personal taste. Mujjo may not be for everyone, and that is just the way the Dutchies want it to be.