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Creadoor branding

In 2018, Reade Owen, Founder and CEO at newly established Creadoor shared an exciting vision with me; an idea for a one-stop, online marketplace where individuals and small businesses can find and hire creatives to create high-quality photos and videos. The concept sounded great and I was very keen to be involved in honing the project in it's very early stages.

Initially, I was tasked with creating a brand identity and a contemporary logo design. With this, I wanted to convey the feeling of two individual elements coming together and combining to form a seamless, unified whole, symbolising the creative and the client successfully collaborating. This was achieved using 2 intersecting colour gradients.

creator / client
#008cda #fbb03b
#b721ff #21d4fd
#fa709a #fee140
Creadoor font
Creadoor branding
Creadoor login

The Creadoor user interface allows both creatives and clients the ability to sign up or log in to their account and then search for and chat with other users on the platform.

Clients are able to view the portfolios of enrolled creatives and creatives are able to to bid on projects, negotiate fees and make calendar bookings for confirmed jobs. Finally, clients should be able to make payments directly through the platform and also leave reviews for the creatives they have engaged.

Creadoor creator search
Creadoor login
Creadoor project portal
Creadoor bidding for project

Creadoor bidding

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