Magnet Kitchens / Website Design / UI & UX / 2013

Magnet Kitchens 1

During early 2013, Manchester based advertising agency CheethamBell JWT commissioned me to help design a new inspiration page for the Magnet Kitchen website.

The objective was to design a facility which would help prospective Magnet customers to collect kitchen design inspiration for their own projects by allowing them to access images from various places around the Magnet website and easily store and manage them within one editable location. The 'My Kitchen Inspiration' page lets users rearrange items into groups by dragging and dropping, expand images for a detailed view, write and save online notes about each item and share their inspiration with friends using social media.

Users need to be logged-in to the Magnet website in order to use this page. I designed clean, simple registration and login areas, making the process as user-friendly as possible.

Magnet Kitchens 2
Magnet Kitchens 3