SIMMI / Fully Responsive, Ecommerce User Interface & User Experience Design / 2018 / © 2019 SIMMI

Simmi responsive UI

SIMMI are a London-based footwear retailer, offering the latest footwear trends at affordable prices, for global-minded girls. SIMMI are constantly inspired by the bold and accomplished women of the world, whether it be in their daily lives or on their social channels.

During Spring 2018, SIMMI approached me with the exciting brief to redesign their fully responsive, ecommerce website user interface. The main emphesis was to create a beautifully minimal, 'barely there' design, which allowed SIMMI's vibrant lifestyle and product photography uncompromised atttention. The results were published during Autumn of the same year, catapulting SIMMI into a new phase of growth.
You can review some of the project below.

nude / rose gold
#f2d7cf #d7a386
mono light
#ffffff #f6f6f6
mono dark
#999999 #000000
Simmi typography
Simmi user journey
Simmi responsive category pageI
Simmi responsive product page