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Nude high heeled shoes


SIMMI are a London-based footwear retailer, offering the latest footwear trends at affordable prices, for global-minded girls. SIMMI are constantly inspired by the bold and accomplished women of the world, whether it be in their daily lives or on their social channels.

The company hired me to design a new, fully responsive 'Ghost' user interface for their Magento 2 Enterprise ecommerce website.
One of the main objectives of the redesign was to create a beautifully minimal, 'barely there' design, which allowed SIMMI's vibrant lifestyle and product photography undistracted attention.

calendar  Date:  2018
calendar  Role:  UX/UI Research and Design · Remote freelance contract
calendar  Team:  SIMMI Directors (UK), Marketing team (UK), Software developement team (UK)

Working with brand assets

The company provided me with their brand style guides and other supporting material, along with the various mood boards and inspiration their in-house teams had curated during the research phase.

Throughout the design process, I liaised closely with SIMMI's Directors, Marketing and Development teams to ensure the new interface adhered to brand guidelines and was technically viable.

The new interface was ready for publication during autumn of the same year, catapulting SIMMI into a new phase of growth.
Below are some of the key page layouts which made up the 'Ghost' interface.

SIMMI typography
Nude / Rose gold
#f2d7cf #7d7a386
Mono light
#ffffff #f6f6f6a
Mono dark
#999999 #000000


The homepage user interface design incorporated a transparent mega-menu bar which 'floated' over the page's background image. The inclusion of a charcoal grey gradient fade behind the navigation ensured enough tonal contrast for the links to remain clear and accessible, regardless of the tones in the background image.

SIMMI mobile homepage UI
SIMMI desktop homepage UI

Product listings

SIMMI mobile product listing UI
SIMMI desktop product listing UI

Product page

SIMMI mobile product page UI
SIMMI desktop product page UI

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