Case studies

Raisin UK homepage

Homepage redesign

Establishing a high-performing homepage design for Raisin in the UK, using quantitative and qualitative data to challenge brand assumptions, optimise for a target demographic, inspire confidence and trust in prospects, and increase registration and conversion rates on the UK website.

MUJJO branding

Below the fold

Exploring and improving Raisin UK homepage content to drive CRO and experience optimisation, in response to the changing expectations of our customers.


UI Design for Creator marketplace

Designing the dynamic branding and user interface for a brand new online marketplace, connecting companies and individuals with creative service providers, such as photographers and videographers.

MUJJO branding

Redifining a brand identity

Redefining the MUJJO brand identity by introducing a strong, graphic element which clearly differentiates the brand in a crowded tech marketplace and embodies the courageous heart of Dutch craftsmanship.

So, this is me...

...and a few facts about me you may find interesting

  • I meditate daily

    Concentration makes the mind peaceful and a peaceful mind is a happy mind.
    Let's face it; we all want to be happy.

  • I love to paint

    I use acrylics to express myself on canvas. I have a WIP that's taken 15 years, and counting!..

Dan Rodrigues

  • I workout

    I'm currently leg-pressing 260kg.
    My half-marathon PR is 75 minutes.
    In 2022 I swam a mile in 34 minutes.

  • I love to grow things

    I'm particularly proud of my two 4.5m tall Monstera Deliciosa houseplants, nurtured from babies.

Want to know more?

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